22 May, 2020
Binince Smart Contract: 0xa50801a5ddf7afe277fa6695895dffa35ed891a7

What is Stimmy? Stimmy Protocol is a community-driven cryptocurrency project. Its objective is to revolutionize the economy by helping our investors achieve financial freedom. Our main objective is to create an ecosystem of tokens that are tradable and generate passive income through our DEX (Stimmy Swap). Throughout this year we will launch a second token. Named $ BANK - This token will have a very limited supply, that is, it will be much more valuable than $ Stimmy. And $ Stimmy + $ Bank will be able to farm $ CHECKS (our 3rd token) Stimmy checks. Soon we will prepare to make NFTs that will be distributed to the first 1000 holders for free and will serve as a whitelist for the $ BANK token. STIMMY FAM "Strong CoMMunity but more like FamilY "