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23 October, 2021


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SADAQATOKEN Coin Informations

SADAQATOKEN description

The Sadaqatoken -SDT- is a solidarity cryptocurrency built on the Binance blockchain - Binance Smart Chain (BSC) - with a decentralised BEP20 token. SDT has been deployed with a total supply of 1 billion tokens with 18 decimal places. Our token is in its first phase of creation, it will further develop and grow, it is already available on the decentralised platform "PancakeSwap"... The choice of the number of tokens not exceeding 1 billion, is not insignificant, a cryptocurrency that wishes to preserve a certain balance between deflation and inflation and burn, must respect a certain scale... The SDT wants to solve the problem of the Muslim legal tax "Az-Zakat" through a simplified and above all trusted and honest collection. Zakat represents an immeasurable financial windfall... Muslims represent more than 1.8 billion people in the world and a large part of them validate the conditions of the payment of Zakat, as well as that of the Nissab. This project is the result of many reflections and observations, following the example of Satoshi Nakamoto who conceived the decentralised system of blockchain to counter the problem of centralisation and concentration of the banking apparatus. So I aspire to solve some of the failures related to humans and our Earth. You are aware of the increasing rate of poverty and precariousness worldwide, as well as one of its future causes, climate change.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xb079db6ae79424f32ff24e5c863829c142ee6eab

Listing Date : 23 October, 2021

Website        : SADAQATOKEN official website

Whitepaper  :

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