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27 Jul, 2021


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$RHT - REWARD HUNTERS TOKEN What is the $RHT token? The $RHT token is a reflection token that distributes dividends paid in BNB to all holders. This is and will be the official currency used in the ecosystem of games developed by Reward Hunters, it will be the means of earning and the currency of exchange for the NFT. What is The Battle of Sotiras #BOS: The first Battle Royale game from Binance Smart Chain, inspired by the games Free Fire, Fortnite and PUBG, bringing the medieval environment to our scenario. The game focuses on the competitive, E-Sport environment within BlockChain. There are no comparisons, a new concept is being created by us. When the game was founded: The game concept was developed by Reward Hunters Token on July 27, 2021, it was created by their CEO and enthusiast Leandro Baccari, very high quality people and companies are involved in the project. Sound designers, artists, programmers, design, Marketing, WebDesigners and many other professionals collaborate and have already collaborated with #BOS. What is the purpose of the project: We want to contribute with our 02 existing game universes, the crypto game market and the non-crypto game market, that is, we are bringing all existing gameplay outside the blockchain into the blockchain, E-Sports and Competitiveness, and we will take it to the public does not crypt this market of high relevance and potential of PlayToEarn, facilitating their access and knowledge that yes, it is possible to win by playing, without being a professional. Is the game available to play? Yes, our holders were able to enjoy and test 03 versions of our gameplay, being able to participate, contribute and taste what was and what we are building. We will have our first Online Beta version within the month of October. Where we can already fight big battles and why not, fight for the big pot. The first #BOS Championship is to come. How will I win by playing? Once the PlayToEarn version is released, scheduled for the end of Q4 2021, our players will have daily quests/tasks to be completed, which will be converted into internal scores, which, when reached the minimum necessary, will make it possible for box openings. which may result in NFT awards (levels - single, medium and rare) or $RHT scholarships, at random. We will have an exclusive betting system, where weekly servers will only work for registered players and so that viewers can bet on their favorite player, the rake system is available in the whitepaper, be sure to read. Championships will be held, with big prizes for the champions. We will also have the great League The Battle of Sotiras with an unprecedented award. What is the benefit of the betting system? We'll nurture professional #BOS players, imagine you, creating a legion of fans willing to bet on their skills, where everyone will take down big pots of $RHT. Requirements to Play: You must have at least 10k $RHT tokens. You need to have at least 01 weapon, which are sold or won in the form of NFT, anticipate and guarantee your own, only 1,800 units were available for launch. Remember, there is a right type of weapon for each vocation (Class) available. The characters are free, the vocation cards have another purpose, read the whitepaper.

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Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xf1018c71eebe32dd85012ad413bab6b940d0d51e

Listing Date : 27 July, 2021

Website        : Reward Hunters Token official website

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