8 November, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x9567b96a0acdaC4a4cCA3450E6efB5636356343F

EAL PROYECT Fair launch🚀! Become a whale🐳! Long term proyect✅ safe and stealthy! Join our community We have created the next crypto Mooshot!🚀 Retired is made up of different professionals who came together to solve the problem that all our favorite (hot) actresses have when they retire. we are going to ensure that they can live like goddesses as a form of gratitude for all their work ✅Let's be gratefull We launched RETIRED (RET) yesterday and we are still very early for investors🚀! Long-term proyect with incredible potencial! ✅Our plans we have huge marketing plans for this proyect. We are reaching out bloggers and influencers to create hype for our proyect. We are looking for new partners with great esperience in the adult industry. We are evaluating the feasibility of integrating some actresses with virtual reality. ✅We aim to be CG and CMC listed within the first two weeks of being live. We expect this project to moonshot over 100X from its current market cap. ✅Amazing active community with constant voice and video chats. We offer giveaways and prizes for shilling and competing in games in our Telegram Room. ✅Save contract: 0x9567b96a0acdac4a4cca3450e6efb5636356343f Join us now: Telegram: