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13 Aug, 2021


0x307204863f3bc2 ...    

Portfolio Coin Informations

Portfolio description

PORTFOLIO is the first of its kind utility token that invest into promising assets such as real estate, promising crypto coins, stock and others to back its value, stability, and overall worth, all while increasing it’s holders’ profits.

How does the investor benefit?

The investor will get 3X reflections when holding the coin.

- Every time someone buys/sells of PTF token.

- Every time someone An asset gets bought

- Every time the profit goes into the Liquidity Pool

10% transaction fee for every trade. 5% is awarded to each holder automatically while the other 5% is put into a separate investment wallet. This wallet is publicly displayed on our assets page of the website. Every week 60% of the investment wallet will be converted to BNB to invest into assets (5% reflection to holder). Of the leftover 40% we will then burn 5% of the token and the remaining 35% will be paired with profits from our investments and put into the liquidity pool. This inflation of the LP is what will help to create more stability and longevity.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x307204863f3bc29d1a874e38ace62114a8990c4e

Listing Date : 13 August, 2021

Website        : Portfolio official website

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