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7 Apr, 2022


0xbb52bCd2Fda248 ...    

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Discover a new world Planet Mojo is made up of a variety of Clans living in different habitats. It’s been decades since the Ore Wars ended. As change sweeps over the planet, old rivalries are sparked and new bonds formed. The battle for the planet’s future hangs in the balance. meet the mojos Mojos are coming, and these devilishly powerful plant creatures need your help. Very soon 9999 unique 3D game playable Mojos will be dropping as NFTs to our early adopters. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to learn more. play and earn Planet Mojo is a blockchain gaming metaverse being built by veterans of LucasArts, EA, Activision, ILM and more. Players will compete with their customized teams in a suite of E-Sports PvP and Play&Earn games set inside a rich new alien planet. Our goal is to create a long term sustainable world and platform for the next generation of gamers, where they own their in-game assets and have a say in the future direction of the project.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xbb52bCd2Fda24813F2f8C2FB4f0e9Fe77a43f021

Listing Date : 7 April, 2022

Website        : Planet Moj official website

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