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Ticker : PASSIAI Launched On : 25 July, 2023
ERC-20 Ethereum: 0xAeEf663e7f87bF963Ccc58789389E922D76D18f0

PassiveAI Description

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of PassiveAI, where artificial intelligence meets advanced blockchain technology to create the ultimate DeFi token, for the culture. Our project goes beyond being just another digital currency; it's a powerful tool that will revolutionize your crypto trading and earning experience.

AI Sniper Bot, (Passbot) with the quickest transaction times on the market, rug checkers, custom MC & Stop Loss targets, automated transactions etc.

Native Token Reflections - By holding $PASSAI, your token amount will naturally increase, everytime there is a transaction with the Token, really bringing the Passive Income element to life!

Our own custom Staking Dapp which will have a HUGE APY return with no lock up's.

PassiveAI Summary