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6 June, 2021


0x3cecaa1060af27 ...    

POD Coin Informations

POD description

We are excited to announce the launch of the POD coin. The POD coin is created to represent the actual project “Print On Demand” This consideration was also given due to our ability to create an entire ecosystem of new services as we grow, each with a unique artistic title, combining art, creative ideas abundance of all communities. This ecosystem will be called the POD Family Each member of the POD family will act as an individual mini-service that will form the basis of our ecosystem. Decentralized applications will range from swap, to decentralization exchange, recommendation system, official data analysis platform and service back-end to manage each unique combination of tokens.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x3cecaa1060af27524d46a5c58ef6c519ac46b135

Listing Date : 6 June, 2021

Website        : POD official website

Whitepaper  :

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