Official American Shiba

10 May, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x01e04C6e0B2C93Bb4f8eE4B71072b861F9352660

What is Official American Shiba? The American Shiba Project A multi-chain project aimed towards improving the lives of veterans and the organizations that serve them through strategic charity partnerships. We seek to become a non-profit digital institution geared towards benefitting veteran charity organizations. Currently we have our Flagship Token: USHIBA. The Official USHIBA Token is currently available on: Ethereum Network (ERC20): Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP20): ERC20 USHIBA TOKEN FACTS: 📈 300k+ Burned Liquidity ♻️ 2% Fee: Redistribution from each transaction 👉 Circulating Supply of Less Than 60 quadrillion 🔥 Vitalik Buterin Manually Burned 40 quadrillion 🛸 Global Marketing Campaigns ✅ Audit completed by Techrate 📆 Launched May 10th, 2021 🎉 Proof of Renounced Ownership ERC20 USHIBA Token 🔥 Proof of LP Token Burn (No Team Tokens + Eternal Liquidity) ERC20 USHIBA Token ✅ Audit by ERC20 USHIBA Token 💫 Proof Vitalik Buterin Burned 38Q ERC20 USHIBA Token 💳 Buy via Flooz (Fiat Portal/Ramp) ERC20 USHIBA Token 🦄 Buy via UniSwap (Dex) ERC20 USHIBA Token . OFFICIAL AMERICAN SHIBA PROJECT SOCIAL LINKS: . Official American Shiba Facebook Page American Shiba SHILL STATION Official American Shiba Discord Channel American Shiba Instagram Brand Twitter Account Hype Twitter Account Daily Community Tasks Brand YouTube Channel Official Reddit Account Premium American Shiba Facebook Group . . . BEP20 USHIBA TOKEN FACTS: 📆 Contribution Fair Launch Event was on March 31, 2022 ⚡️ Expansion of the USHIBA Token began on BSC Network 🍀 Designed to incentivize participants of the ecosystem 🥇 Cointool audit completed, rigorous audits planned 💎 Distributed fairly to holders through the Guardians ☄️ Centralized Exchange Fund: 2% from any swap 🌠 Charity Action (CAT): 2% from buys, 4% from sells 🔋 Community Ops Wallet (COW): 2% from buys, 4% from sells 🔌 Liquidity Pool Provisions: 4% from buys, 6% from sells ⚖️ Proof Tokens are Locked up until 2026 and 2028 (No Team Tokens): BEP20 USHIBA Token 🔐 Proof the Liquidity Pool Tokens are Locked: BEP20 USHIBA Token 🪄 Audit by BEP20 USHIBA Token 🥞 Buy thru PancakeSwap (10-13% Slippage) (Dex): BEP20 USHIBA Token