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5 May, 2019


0x3fa729b4548bec ...    

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We are on a mission to build better access to finance, and we can’t build it alone. Let’s move together. We are living at the exciting times of crypto experiments and innovation, but at the same time, we believe that true innovation should benefit everyone, not only us, the degens. Our values What is the best way to understand our thinking and philosophy? Right, learn about our values. These are the things we believe in and live by. These dogmas guide us when we make decisions on building products. Privacy first. We believe that everyone should have a right to privacy. We believe in building services that value and honor user privacy. Keep in mind, privacy and anonymity are different terms. We believe in privacy. Community-driven. We believe that our community is an essential part of the project. There is no Mover without we. Together we decide what the future Mover should be. We believe in we. Fair and open. We believe that digital finance should be fair and open. There should be no bias or discrimination. The code is one for all. Permissionless. We believe that in non-custodial services. We should be the only owner of our keys. Only we should decide what to use and how to use it. Open-source. We believe that open-source code creates an open environment. There is no innovation without an open environment. There is no future without innovation. Do open source. Fun. We believe that everything should be fun. Building a future of digital finance is challenging, hard, and expensive. But building our future together is fun. And it should be so.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0x3fa729b4548becbad4eab6ef18413470e6d5324c

Listing Date : 5 May, 2019

Website        : Mover official website

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