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Ticker : Launched On : 21 January, 2022
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x76b19d54dd2b12c61f6534b2348eb5ebb1945353

Mouse Coin Description

Mouse Coin is "The Original" Mouse Centric, Meme token protocol. A "utility rich" De-centralized Finance Ecosystem, Online Community and Social Media Platform. On board at launch we have a Multichain DEX allowing Coin and Token trades across 3 block chains including a network toggler (BSC, ETH and Polygon) an on board Wallet, extending any web3 - wallet connect application among most popular user wallets available including: Metamask through Coinbase. Additionally an on board fiat on ramp application allowing for immediate purchase of Smart Chain BNB, as well as any Major Coin, or Alt coins using fiat currency through CC, from almost any known national fiat on earth. More over, a full social media platform dubbed the "Mouse Book", more, Online Community Forums, A host of Social sharing tools, The up coming Mouse Shoppe and more. Also - Ready for deployment and Coming Soon, A Multi-Chain NFT Minting and Marketplace, and Staking. In Q4, a journey through the Metaverse at Mouseville, an NFT Powered FP Virtual Reality Experiment.

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