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17 Dec, 2021


0xd73c25f163a2c9 ...    

MoonFling Coin Informations

MoonFling description

MoonFling is a P2E lottery platform deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The project offers users multiple
unique lotteries to participate in, with amazing prizes in BNB & NFT’s to be won. Holders of MoonFling can
participate in NFT Scratchcards, Huge pool lotteries, double their funds, stake, get reflections & more! Be a
part of MoonFling, a unique and exciting platform that aims to establish itself as a leading DeFi gambling
MoonFling is a lottery worth playing because we have set ourselves a target to reach a great number of
players by running well planned steps. Our team is proficient in marketing and already has a list of top
influencers, youtube and telegram channels in mind who to reach out to. Setting up some big partnerships
and streaming on Twitch will lead to gaining a high traffic to make MoonFling extremely popular. MoonFling
aims to revolutionise the crypto industry with its unique ways of fair gambling, great rewards and will always
provide fair odds to the players. We will be focusing on marketing worldwide, to have the best reach of
communities all over the world. Marketing for MoonFling will be going 24/7/365 to always have a steady rise
in holders, prizes, and popularity.
The project progress strategy has been carefully set up by the team. Our contract will be audited, liquidity will
be locked, and there will be manual checks to maintain the coin works 100% perfectly at all times.
Check out our CEO speech -

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xd73c25f163a2c98ba7e009540eddd0dcea9bf16e

Listing Date : 17 December, 2021

Website        : MoonFling official website

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