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22 Jan, 2022


0x723f81e044f12f ...    

MetaMusic Coin Informations

MetaMusic description

METAMUSIC enables users to virtually “be there” at live performances, while physically being anywhere else in the world. This extends the reach of events globally for sold-out shows and introduces the capacity for artists to sell unlimited virtual tickets, along with real and digital merchandise. Using the METAMUSIC Platform, music fans can purchase tickets and attend live concerts performed by their favorite bands and will experience the concert as if they had front-row seating. They are also free to view different band members at will. Or, turn around and see the audience in different parts of the arena. Offers for purchasing related merchandise or downloading tracks and videos on demand will be available as interactive shopping overlays. METAMUSIC makes it easy to create virtual goods so artists, labels, content creators, and developers can increase bottom line through sales of direct artist-to-fan virtual goods inside of VR. Labels and artists will now be able to create and sell virtual tickets to VR performances and offer virtual goods to fans, such as virtual skins, digital clothing, and collectibles during events. Artists will also be able to interact with fans and can sign autographs on virtual album covers that apply special cryptographic token signatures that are unique and cannot be duplicated. Virtual album covers and other items signed by artists will be verified on the blockchain as to their authenticity, rarity and value for all to see. You can find the whitepaper on our website! :)

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x723f81e044f12fe1311a340d809e251ff1579564

Listing Date : 22 January, 2022

Website        : MetaMusic official website

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