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25 Apr, 2022


0xfA1616899Edb2c ...    

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MetaCares is the first cryptocurrency project that is taking a paradigm shift in the existing cryptocurrency health projects with keen interest on utilizing NFT and Metaverse in solving these challenging health challenges. MetaCares is an explorable decentralized blockchain Emergency Room (ER) and an Intensive Care Unit for community members. MetaCares is a four (4) dimensional approach to health and human welfare thus, it creates a MetaHospital (MetaH) for patients, a MetaSurgery (MetaS) for Medical Practitioners, a MetaData (MetaD) for Medical Research Institutes and a Decentralized Digital Healthcare Center (DDHC) for the community at large. MetaCares in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will create potential for operational cost savings and real-time exchange of information. This will enable interoperability, enhance exchange of provider information such as provider directory data, manage control of access over patient’s medical record information (an NFT approach where every patient data is locked in a blockchain and decentralized owner to such NFT file by patents), and track clinical traits and pharmaceuticals. Patients in MetaCares are paid for uploading medical record information which are stored confidentially in a blockchain. In MetaCares, patients can also book medical appointments with professional doctors in MetaCares Metaverse (MM).

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xfA1616899Edb2c0Fd0f1F582A2240250596326c4

Listing Date : 25 April, 2022

Website        : MetaCares Coin official website

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