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22 Sep, 2021


7dHbWXmci3dT8UFY ...    

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Lido for Solana description

What Is Lido for Solana? ‘Lido for Solana’ is a Lido-DAO governed liquid staking protocol for the Solana blockchain. Anyone who stakes their SOL tokens with Lido will be issued an on-chain representation of SOL staking position with Lido validators, called stSOL. This will allow Solana token holders to get liquidity on their staked assets which can then be traded, or further utilized as collateral in DeFi products. stSOL is the tokenized form of staked SOL native to Lido. Lido for Solana is backed by several industry-leading staking providers. It makes staked SOL liquid and allows participation with any amount of SOL. A SOL token holder connects their wallet and deposits their tokens into the Lido program. They immediately receive stSOL tokens that represent a share of the total pool and the Lido program delegates SOL to Lido-controlled validators on the Solana network. When these delegations accrue rewards on the allotted stake, the total SOL under management grows and this increases the value of stSOL tokens. stSOL can be used as one would use SOL, allowing holders to earn SOL staking rewards in addition to rewards through integrated platforms like Saber and Raydium.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : solana

Contract       : 7dHbWXmci3dT8UFYWYZweBLXgycu7Y3iL6trKn1Y7ARj

Listing Date : 22 September, 2021

Website        : Lido for Solana official website

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