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Ticker : Launched On : 10 March, 2022
ERC-20 Ethereum: 0x8877E4B70C50CF275C2B77d6a0F69a312F5eE236

LIFE Description

LIFE is new layer and free-standing platform DeFi platform on the Fantom network which is part of the 🔥FATFIRE🔥family. Earn yield from your tokens and LP tokens by staking and earning LIFE tokens on the Fantom Network with zero-low deposit fees. This project is for the community to stake and make money. FATFIRE is named after the concept of Financial Independence/Retire Early. In the FIRE community, FIRE is all about saving and growing your income on your way to financial independence. FATFIRE is when your net worth has officially reached the level where you are truly not just financially free, but financially independent. Join the FATFIRE Family y staking on LIFE to earn high yields. Tokenomics: 100% LP Tokens locked, contract is time locked, 85,000,000 maximum supply, initial 1,000,000 burn, ongoing buybacks and burns. NFT staking in development to earn more rewards with free Founders tokens to the top 20 holders across all projects. Join the Telegram or Discord and get access to digital cash giveaway & free airdrops. Socials: Website: TelegramL Twitter: More Info:

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