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17 Jun, 2021


0x030708208dc29b ...    

Koban Coin Informations

Koban description

A PokéMoon is rising!


The most legendary dApp on BSC!

Have you been baffled over the NFT craze lately and saw the worst NFT's selling for ridiculous prices? How about actually getting ahead of the curve for once?

Missing the good old days as a kid with opening Pokemon packs? Then this is for you!

We took the nostalgia of your favorite childhood franchise and supercharged it on the blockchain!

Pokemoon NFT's are fully 3D-animated GLB-files with amazing shiny effects and animations, you can use them anywhere ERC721 is beeing accepted.

We got 5 rarities: common - uncommon - rare - legendary - moonlike.

Go and check them out in our gallery with the native 3D-viewer and buy your first packs on nft.pokemoon.io!

Gotta catch 'em all 

There will be many exciting actual usecases coming such as TCG and other gamification (even VR is possible), a native marketplace to trade them, lottery, NFT evolver, farming boosts, community events, and much more….
 Additionally we offer multi-layered farming with high yields and ever-expanding utilities as well as our own native exchange/AMM along with liquidity on PCS.

Tokenomics, roadmap and more on docs.pokemoon.io

Best community in Crypto

Audited twice (by Obelisk & TechRate)

Top rankings on BscScan for NFT transactions

Join the conversation at t.me/pokemoondefi

Trade our tokens on our native site at exchange.pokemoon.io

or on PCS

Check prices/charts for

MNT, KBN, PB-xxxx on dex.gu

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x030708208dc29b1688b212081f31cdb59097a67d

Listing Date : 17 June, 2021

Website        : Koban official website

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