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17 Jun, 2021


0xbec2f6f12c8978 ...    

Kermit Koin Coin Informations

Kermit Koin description

The next best meme coin. Forget about dogs, frogs are just a leap away from your heart.

Kermit Koin is a deflating, hodling and earning token which has a 3% transaction fee.

1% burnt

1% shared amongst all hodlers

1% sent for Kermit Olympiks

Other than the fact that we're a frog, the next koolest thing is that there will be a launch of a bunch of minigames known as the Kermit Olympics, where people compete to win prizes. The prizes will accumulate over a period of time into the prize pool.

Along side this we will release a Kermit Klub, where kermits can join an online browser based game, where they can run around and interact with other Kermits. This is more for fun and memes.

To go with these minigames, there will be a marketplace for skins and nfts associated with Kermits. So everyone get keen! The frogs are about to take over the internet!!!!

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xbec2f6f12c89785f6f79a852bfc48e0cd11c2ffd

Listing Date : 17 June, 2021

Website        : Kermit Koin official website

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