11 May, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x22d6363949e295873d261b812a281d014367e8f9

ABOUT DAPPS This token will be used by JINDO SWAP and JINDO NFT in the future. JINDO SWAP is a SWAP built on the BSC chain, and if it provides liquidity, you can receive JINDO FEED tokens. JINDO FEED tokens will be issued with the launch of the SWAP and will be distributed to 100% liquidity providers. JINDO NFT is an NFT sales and maker place where you can make and sell your own dog by synthesizing several types of dogs. JINDO NFT can use JINDO tokens to purchase and synthesize puppies, and JINDO FEED tokens to level up puppies.   JINDO INU PLAN We plan to create a magnitude swap and a magnitude NFT. In JINDO swap, only tokens that have passed the JINDO team's review can provide liquidity. This will be a safer SWAP for investors. In addition, in JINDO swap, you can stake JIND to get JINDFEED tokens. The JIND token is used to create and breed puppies in the future NFT DAPP, and the JINDFEED token is used to upgrade puppies. We can make even more secure swaps, give investors confidence and have their own dog NFT.