13 October, 2021
Ethereum: 0x4801e3844b09210e41f6740b3c374547564bf21f

Itachi Inu $INU just recently stealth launched. i saw a lot of my other based caller frens call this one. this is another anime coin and you guys already know how anime coins have been popping lately. we’re currently sitting around 256k MC. i heard that the dev is based and has launched other projects in the past. lp locked for 14 days but will extend after certain milestones. the top holders are little scary to me but i was told that they’re friendly whales and seems like they’re holding. the dev also promised to blacklist bots if necessarily. the chart is looking good right now and looks like it’s ready for a new leg up. but as always, please remember to find a good dip before aping and only ape what you are willing to lose!