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Hurricane NFT

Ticker : Launched On : 11 April, 2022
Avalanche Chain: 0x3ce2fcec09879af073b53bef5f4d04327a1bc032

Hurricane NFT Description

What Is Hurricane NFT (nhct)? What is Hurricane NFT? Hurricane NFT is the 1st DAO-based cross-chain NFT market & NFTFi platform on Avalanche. The 3 main features are cross-chain NFT market, NFT Voucher, and NFTFi services such as NFT fragmentation, lending, and options. By holding or staking Hurricane NFT governance token (NHCT), users can participate in the growth of Hurricane NFT and benefit from it, including fee discounts, dividends from platform fees, etc. Developed by HurricaneSwap and supported by the Avalanche ecosystem, Hurricane NFT will be a new challenger to OpenSea. What Is Hurricane NFT (nhct) contract address?? The contract address for the Hurricane NFT is 0x3ce2fcec09879af073b53bef5f4d04327a1bc032 and it can be found on avalanche network.

Hurricane NFT Summary