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31 Jan, 2022


0x56bd0C900acAF0 ...    

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HubCoin description

HubCoin ($HUB) is the gaming hub for gamers and game enthusiasts. This token embeds smart contract technology into the gaming world to redefine the experience of gamers. Gaming is no more just about the fun of playing. It is about earning while having fun. Most importantly, $HUB ensures that gamers are properly remunerated through its well defined and structured smart contracts and gamified systems.
HubCoin ($HUB) is the native token of the Hubber platform. It is launched as an ERC token on the ethereum network. HubCoin allows for the creation of trustless, decentralised and non-custodial competitions through the use of smart contracts and adds value to the gaming experience of gamers through the use of blockchain technology.
Since HubCoin is operated through the use of smart contracts, it eliminates the need for any middleman leading to gamers being fairly rewarded what they are due. This is not all! HubCoin also adds value to the gaming experience of players by creating a market for their skills. Through the Hubber platform, gamers can showcase their skills through NFTs and be rewarded.
Connect, Battle and Win with HubCoin!

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0x56bd0C900acAF04125Ee26f546d6214634fD970F

Listing Date : 31 January, 2022

Website        : HubCoin official website

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