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Ticker : Launched On : 23 November, 2021
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0xD48D639F72EF29458b72cDC9A47A95fA46101529

HelpKidz Coin Description

THE GOAL WE PURSUE Help that really gets there - accompanying and supporting children When children are free from economic pressure, they can develop freely and optimally at any age. They develop visions for their own lives and discover goals to work towards. Adults can hinder or encourage this spiritual growth. Poverty and scarcity stand in the way of a life-affirming path. This is where Helpkidz Coin comes in, building a growing community through decentralised economies. Basic projects and developer solutions for children are financially supported and promoted. When a coin is purchased, a share of two percent is transferred to a charity wallet. As soon as enough has accumulated there, the money amounts are transferred directly to an aid project or converted into donations in kind. The HelpKidz Coin is used to provide urgently needed financial aid or food, clothing, furnishings, books or washing machines, for example. The two percent aid benefits children all over Europe. It is a safe investment in the future of these children, because their lives are improved. At the same time, every HelpKidz Coin buyer receives a three percent increase in value after each transaction as a reward. The HelpKidz Coin is currently produced in a limited quantity of 1 billion, with a 1% burn active. When a coin is purchased, a 2% share is transferred to a charity wallet. Once enough has accumulated there, the monetary amounts are put directly into a relevant project or converted into in-kind donations. Whether food, the purchase of missing clothes, a washing machine or funds - with the HelpKidz Coin we offer urgently needed support. With our HelpKidz Coin we want to help children all over Europe. Invest safely in the future of many children. Because with every purchase of a HelpKidz Coin you contribute to improving the lives of many children. Thanks to its high liquidity, our Coin will remain extremely stable and healthy in the years to come! 💖 THERE'S NOTHING GOOD UNLESS YOU DO IT 💖 ✔️ The aid projects are coordinated with several organizations ✔️ We offer strong liquidity for retail cryptocurrencies. ✔️ The coin enables easy implementation for different software. ✔️ The limited number of coins to 1 billion make it very secure. ✔️ As a holder you are rewarded with 3% per transaction

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