Happy Kimchi Token

14 August, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x29e25c58A358E77660bb5E0cEF9b9045B10C898a

Happy Kimchi Token ($ kimchi) is a community driven DeFi token. Why do we name it Happy Kimchi? Kimchi is a type of food that is high in nutrients, a full of beta-carotene and other antioxidant compounds that can help reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Good health produces a happy life. Our finances are the same, having a good source of income and huge profits indirectly produce a happy life. This inspired us to create a healthy decentralized finance that will bring benefits and create happiness and joy to its hodler. 1. Defi platform for everyone 2. Easy, fun and profitable platform Part of Superfriends Project