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1 Sep, 2021


0xD06b9C961a6aA5 ...    

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What Is Global Human Being (GHB)? GHB is a token that aims to produce passive income for our token holders by developing various profit-generating businesses. As a token, the Global Human Being team will implement GHB as a form of payment for all our eCommerce stores that are operated directly by our team. Also, we will be constantly seeking partnerships to expand the number of online businesses that accept GHB as payment for goods and services throughout the world. WHAT MAKES GHB UNIQUE? Because it is only a prosperity-based project and we have kept 06% of the total supply of tokens that's only will be distributed all over the world and no difference with races of global humans being. The GHB token is designed to ensure that owners can also participate in the operation of the project network and keep full service globally for human beings. Because of this, those who hold the GHB have the right to give suggestions and opinions to the management for many coming future development projects for the Human Being of the world. Who is the Founder of Global Human Being? GHB was founded by Muhammad Shahid Memon, who is also one of the co-founders of the global human being project. He was the CEO of Laraib Fertilizer and Chemicals, the company that distributed fertilizers and Chemicals, and his involvement in the industry of forex market since 2005, and he had taught more than 1000 students all over the world in the field of Forex Market.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xD06b9C961a6aA58A1B936239A30081F48881d708

Listing Date : 1 September, 2021

Website        : Global Human Being official website

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