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13 Nov, 2021


0xc5bbae50781be1 ...    

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What Is Gifto (gto)? Gifto as a network protocol, is a brainchild of Andy Tian, the co-founder and CEO of Asia Innovations Group (AIG). The team at AIG comprises of crypto-technology and blockchain enthusiasts. Andy saw potential in designing a decentralized network powered by the Ethereum blockchain to fix the current broken content monetization model with a better model. Most people introduced to the global content industry will identify the following problems with the current model: The Gifto network was launched in December 2017 and has been tested along with AIG’s flagship product, Uplive. Uplive is a live streaming mobile application with over 20 million users. An official Gifto report in February 2018, stated that Gifto featured in the top 10 traded cryptocurrencies by volume. The universal blockchain-based virtual gifting protocol has not only bridged the gap between content creators and the audience but has also introduced a way to acknowledge and reward the content creators. Besides monetizing decentralized content, it has revamped the modern creator-audience relationship. It has already received support from a number of large institutional investors including KPCB and Wicklow Capital. This can only be seen a positive for Gifto as it proves that the idea has been scrutinized and accepted by a fairly large number of people. What Is Gifto (gto) contract address?? The contract address for the Gifto is 0xc5bbae50781be1669306b9e001eff57a2957b09d and it can be found on eth network.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0xc5bbae50781be1669306b9e001eff57a2957b09d

Listing Date : 13 November, 2021

Website        : Gifto official website

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