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23 Nov, 2021


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$FLUFF token is a cryptocurrency under the categories of "meme" or "dog" token, with the goal of building up a dedicated community and raising the price and market cap collaboratively. With upcoming integrations such as DeFi and NFTs soon to be added to our portfolio of features, we will surely moon! Some of our current features are the following: Tax Redistribution The FLUFF token automatically calculates 3% of all transactions, and spreads it between every wallet which holds FLUFF. The method in which the amount each wallet will receive is based on an algorithm which takes the top holders, and gives them a descending percentage all the way down to the wallet which holds the least amount of FLUFF token. Periodic Burning In order to increase the price of our project, we are going to be performing periodic burns. This is where we lock part of the supply to a wallet which cannot be accessed, similarly like throwing away the key to a safe. This will hopefully decrease volatility and minimise impermanent loss for our investors. Marketing/Airdrop Wallets On token creation, 10 percent of the supply will be split equally between the marketing and the airdrop wallets. With this charity supply we will hold polls on our socials to let the community decide what the tokens will be invested into! This could be anything from billboards, donating to charities and even CoinMarketCap and PooCoin advertisements. However, the airdrop address will be used in token airdrops, where we giveaway free tokens to anybody who enters the giveaway and meets the requirements. These requirements can be anything from simply following the social media pages, to holding a minimum amount of FLUFF token. NFT collection. In Q1 2022, the Fluffy Inu NFT collection will launch with 10,000 uniquely generated pieces of art on ERC-721. Each holder of an NFT will earn a passive tax income which is spread out between all the holders whenever somebody buys or sells an NFT. Our roadmap: As featured on our website, our roadmap has very specific goals and points which we are aiming to reach before the deadline. This includes (but not limited to) the following: Q4 2021: • Locking 45% of supply to be used in liquidity • The launch of the token on exchanges • 40% of the supply will be burned to send price to parabolic heights • PooCoin/CoinMarketCap In the last quarter of 2021, we are mainly focused on launching the token and getting the rocket going during the remainder of the year. It is crucial that we have a fair launch so there are not any inequalities in our community. Q1 2022: Liquidity fee lowered to 2% Automatic charity donations activated Advertisements purchased Listing on small exchanges NFT collection The second stage is about sustaining our momentum which we gained in the first stage, perhaps one of the most important of them all. It also includes scaling and spreading out liquidity. Q2 2022: Dedicated staking protocol implemented 1% token burn fee added Listing on larger exchanges Celebrity onboarding Our third stage is all about upgrading the token and getting the word out there, also increasing convenience of buying the token for newcomers to the community Q3 2022: Decentralised Exchange (FluffySwap) launched Billboards and CoinMarketCap advertisements purchased Huge charity donations (10k+) The last stage is mainly focused on being flashy, and gaining popularity and rapidly increasing the price of our crypto, giving the long term holders lots of incentive to hold on to their tokens and not dump them on newer users.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xdb357378d39abce3a6024a4cef2ed59faa9a8730

Listing Date : 23 November, 2021

Website        : Fluffy Inu official website

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