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30 Apr, 2022


0xEB77Cc2Aa5f47e ...    

FloppaTech Coin Informations

FloppaTech description

Super short description: FloppaTech is a huge Web-3 Metaverse: not just another meme token $FLOP, but a large city with NFT-lands and P2E game! Description for pedants: What is Floppa Token? It is a deflationary token mathematically aimed for rapid growth. It is also the key for building project's DAO. Moreover — FLOP will become the internal currency in Floppa City. Citizens will be able to improve NFT-lands, purchase items within the metaverse and become friends with Floppa’s homies. What else? We are creating an environment for the development of disruptive blockchain products with the large-scale involvement of the community throughout the process. That’s why the Floppa team is going to launch a lot of connected products that complement and improve each other. An interactive experience is being created between our Metaverse, Deflationary token, NFT and DAO. Tokenomics Total 100,00% (100000000 FLOP) Private sale 5,50% Presale 29,75% Exchanges Liquidity 7,50% Team 10,00% Game economy 6,10% R&D 10,00% LP 19,00% Airprops 2,40% Advisors 2,90% Marketing 4,00% Ecosystem Growth/Reserves 2,85% 3% Burn 3% LP 3% Holders Website link: floppa.tech/ Private Sale: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5MXS2AWUURwzYH1RDZ6HhKWrPEKOw8lIaxadPYkV2WGVbPg/viewform Whitepaper: floppa-tech.gitbook.io/whitepaper/ Twitter: twitter.com/FloppaMayor Discord: discord.gg/QN2d6E6RyD Telegram: t.me/FloppaTech_Official Audit: github.com/ContractWolf/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/ContractWolf_Audit_Floppa.pdf KYC: github.com/ContractWolf/KYC-certificates/blob/main/KYC_Floppa.jpg Contest: sweepwidget.com/view/54334-32limqhv

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xEB77Cc2Aa5f47e801a4706f1B1764104CdB5028e

Listing Date : 30 April, 2022

Website        : FloppaTech official website

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