Finders Keepers

21 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0xfAAbCE77aC2b26601bcC9857AAbad33bec8286be

Welcome to FindersKeepers; the first deflationary token of its kind that literally steals tokens, but then gifts them to other peasants. $KEEPS is a game of risk management and committment to the greater good! Think you have the stomach for it? On every buy, if you purchase a minimum of 500 tokens you invoke the FINDERS KEEPERS mechanic. You get to STEAL from a random holder! If this holder has purchased 500 tokens or more from the swap, you get a percentage of their tokens which is weighted based on their holdings. If this holder has not purchased ANY tokens from the swap (ie. the wallet has had KEEPS transferred to it) you get 25% of their tokens and another 25% of their tokens are burned (don't try to be sneaky...).