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28 February, 2022


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Fairy Forest description

What is Fairy Forest (FFN)? Fairy Forest is a project designed to play on the web, from a computer, tablet or mobile, with access to everyone. No previous knowledge about cryptocurrencies is required. Therefore, team uses successful games like PvZ, Bloons TD to compare with game. They understand the importance of what NFTs game provides: real ownership, play to earn real value, market implementation for NFTs. Each plant is a unique NFT creature that can possess artifacts for improvements: elixir, crystal, magic stone and root. Combine them together to create new rare and exciting combinations of benefits. Plants with a higher level can defeat stronger enemies and get better rewards. Everyone has the same opportunity to get plants. Any plant can grow from seven, from the most common to the rarest. Rental: each player has the possibility to have on his farm. In it, you can have 4 basic plants plus 1 mother tree. They can also use these plants in all future game modes. The main game tab will allow you to buy seeds/plants in the Market, tools, skins and various other things. In addition, we will use an oracle and stablecoin system to limit earnings based on the amount of money our players spend in the game. The FFN token is the native and the governing currency of the game, as well as a BSC token. It allows token holders to play, invest, reinvest and also be part of the game. There is a fixed total of 500 million tokens FFN. Players can use the FFN in-game currency on the market to purchase seeds, plants, tools, land, and artifacts. The user in the game can send FFN tokens between friends, even exchange NFT assets with transaction value, distribute 1 tool every day to his friends. Who are the founders of Fairy Forest? Carlos Robinson is the CEO. Carlos is a design expert who received a bachelor’s degree with honors from the Multimedia University of Nusantara. He is not only a crypto and NFT enthusiast but also a gamer. Carlos has assembled an excellent team of developers working on the development and marketing of the game, including game developers, graphic designers, artists, blockchain developers, server programmers, digital marketing experts, and many others. Games have always been their burning passion. The team believes blockchain games are the future. What Makes Fairy Forest Unique? Players spend billions of real money on in-game items, but cannot legally exchange them back for real money. Most game publishers prohibit players from selling their in-game assets for real money. But some players are still determined to do this to get back the capital they spent in the game. I caught if a player, they can ban him. Here, in the Fairy Forest game, you will be rewarded with assets that you can exchange for real money. I can resell the plants you bought in the marketplace and earn real money. We will transition from the blockchain platform to the real currency as flawless as possible by working with the local market so that players can buy essentials with the help of reward tokens

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x6a381bbca11e8da31331e2a9821aa7e7b04717a7

Listing Date : 28 February, 2022

Website        : Fairy Forest official website

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