2 June, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x7098652e33f165c18363ca7030a067120fe6c2d3

What is FLERMOON? FLERMOONFlerMoon is a token that was created for the community! All of us getting together and help those that need it the most at a specific point in time, wouldn`t that be absolutely amazing? That need can be, people in need, nature in need, animals in need, you name it! We will be working with the community to decide whats the best thing we can do at that respective point in time! What does FLERMOON stand for? FLER stands for: Forever Love Enchanted Reality! MOON is where we all want to be! And we will take you there! As warlocks we will aim to bring out the magic intro the world and where all hope is lost, to restore that home and why not, increase it!