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30 March, 2022


0x22B27eb6AA4878 ...    

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Edain description

Project summary: EDAIN is an AI-powered knowledge creation ecosystem that gives users the possibility to access its data through proprietary software applications that offer knowledge and analyses on multiple topics. One such application is Decision Point Crypto, a cryptocurrency market sentiment analysis tool designed to collect and process data through various indicators in order to provide actionable knowledge to aid in the decision-making process. Additionally, Edain will soon offer developers the possibility to build their own apps using its data. EAI is Edain’s native utility token built on the Xiden blockchain. The applications within the Edain ecosystem can only be accessed using EAI, furthering Edain’s goal to offer knowledge both as a utility and an investment opportunity. Hacken audit completed, Certik onboarding. Staking is available on edain Staking APY: 10% Minimum stake period: 24 hours Token Info & Economics Max token supply: 470.0m tokens Token type: ERC-20

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0x22B27eb6AA4878f5af89eF0a3a68FC60cD0A617C

Listing Date : 30 March, 2022

Website        : Edain official website

Whitepaper  :

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