Ebuy Finance

1 May, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0xCCD5C2128190B6A9BdF0E9fd80CBebF9B7D4c9D5

What is Ebuy Finance all about? We want to create a very efficient and powerful application with a new platform. Our platform will be powered by our utility-token EBUY. Users of our platform will be able to use our token to buy or sell everything. We are trying to become the easiest solution for everyone. First, we are releasing a web version and later apps for both Android & IOS. Our apps will enable everyone to use EBUY from everywhere. Why Invest in EBUY coin? Early adopters and investors of the EBUY ecosystem by Holding EBUY coin will get lots of advantages, including: Holders receive a passive income for all EBUY transactions With the increase in the volume of transactions, amount burned is increased, leading to a total reduction of supply and eventually increases the worth of the EBUY coins. How Many Ebuy Finance(EBUY) Coins Are There in Circulation? EBUY is a token with a max supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000, with 300,000,000,000,000 burned tokens and a fair launch supply of 700,000,000,000,000. The EBUY protocol works as follows : ->Each transaction has a 10% tax 3% are automatically burned 2% distributed to all holders 5% fee auto add to the liquidity pool Ebuy Finance(EBUY) is a cryptocurrency for universal use. Members of the EBUY platform can using this currency for buying and selling everything (new ، used or etc) in EBUY App, and all while there are no intermediaries. Where Can You Buy Ebuy Finance(EBUY)? As of May 2021, you can purchase EBUY on PancakeSwap.