28 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x2167AfA1C658DC5C4eC975f4aF608FF075A8b8AE

Conceived and developed by leading economic researchers—headed by Professor of Finance Andros Gregoriou, a leading academic who has published over 120 academic research papers—Evai harnesses AI and machine learning to produce unbiased crypto-asset ratings at www.evai.io. The ratings provide short-term trading ratings, while an upcoming upgrade will identify long-term underlying value for each crypto asset. The EV asset is a utility token on BSC, which rewards holders via an innovative 5% tax, built into the tokenomics via a smart contract, triggered anytime the token is bought or sold. The 5% tax is reflected back to the project, split into five key areas: 1% marketing, 1% rewards to all EV holders proportionate to holding, 1% development, 1% token burn, 1% to liquidity pools that support the project up until token goes live on centralized exchanges, at which time the tax will cease.