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22 Nov, 2021


0x071f637a1c3f21 ...    

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DogeDrinks is a crypto-backed brand of premium functional Soft drinks built for modern lifestyle based on organic and super food ingredients. DogeDrinks core values are supporting the healthy lifestyle and achieving better health through functional drinks. DogeDrinks is reflection token and soft drink at the same time. Every buy gives members more with the boost and burn system in place. We want to build a strong community, distribute our drink to be sold and grow our brand in the crypto and real world. Charity: The DogeDrinks community will make a serious contribution, through regular donations, to provide clean drinking water to under privileged. The community will vote and decide to which charities the donations will be made. Our products DogeDrinks are beverages with health benefits beyond their nutritional value, positively affecting one or more target functions in the body or in the mind to achieve an improved state of health and well-being. Our products: Each bottle contains prebiotics, adaptogenic herbs, and nutrient-rich super foods to keep you feeling nourished. The drinks help you feel calm cool collected despite the stressful world around.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0x071f637a1c3f2195082007255810b86ae7ddfc21

Listing Date : 22 November, 2021

Website        : DogeDrinks official website

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