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14 Jun, 2021


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the DBS Token Currently on the Ethereum Network The DBS Token utilizes a 1.1.1 tax on every transfer, equating to a 3% total tax fee. The first 1% tax is split in two: The first 50% is directed to DBS token holders. This portion of the tax is a reflection reward for holding tokens and contributing to the project. Simply by holding DBS, your position will consistently increase with every DBS transaction. The remaining 50% is directed to the Liquidity Pool, ensuring the project always maintains sustainable liquidity. The second 1% tax is autonomously burned, forever: This mechanism makes theDBS token a deflationary cryptocurrency asset. Each time a transaction takes place with DBS, 1% of that transaction is immediately removed (i.e., "burned") from the total supply,dramatically increasing the scarcity of every DBS token in circulation. Additionally, this means that every time a DBS token is used or transferred, the value of the remaining DBS tokens in circulation is increased by permanently decreasing the total supply(deflation). The Third 1% tax is directed to a development wallet, often referred to as the charity wallet. The proceeds earned by this wallet are primarily reserved for equipment costs and legal compliance fees; as of this writing, the project relies entirely on the community for marketing. Upon the creation of the genesis block on the Decentralized Business Systems Blockchain Network: ALL holders of the DBS token will be airdropped an equal and proportionate position on the upcoming PoS network. The DBS Token gives a fully fair and sizable advantage to other common people with an uncommon vision looking to participate, engage and invest in an evolving technology. An evolving technology built for their best interests, and the interests of their future. At launch, The Decentralized Business Systems Blockchain genesis block will instantly add easy access to technological resources for everyone; at nearly all hardware user levels. These resources, for many, prove to be everyday life and safety resources like food, water, electricity, even housing. The DBS team is dedicated not only to creating an ultra-fast, secure blockchain solution for businesses. But an ecosystem where all people of all user levels are encouraged to become validators at zero cost for them. This opportunity is offered in exchange for their participation in creating a proper generational health and wealth communication portal around the globe. The DBS team truly believes in time; this protocol will be known as the most significant, most beautifully clever way to manage the most immense humanitarian undertaking in modern history! ALL holders of the DBS token will be airdropped an equal and proportionate position on the upcoming PoS network.

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Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0x4f7AFf8f0c78B51c0E30F02f27a67B5A6A11552b

Listing Date : 14 June, 2021

Website        : Decentralized Business Systems official website

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