30 May, 2022
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The Token That Fights Crypto Scammers The $CST token, created by CryptoSpy, aims to eliminate monetary fraud in the crypto space and help investors gain their trust back through an ecosystem of helpful resources CryptoSpy Is A Token with a Purpose And How Does Holding $CST Help The Crypto Space? When you hold our token, you are directly contributing into the search, tracking and potentially stopping of crypto criminals and their future projects as well as helping alert the community about potential scams and educate them on how to identify them, while getting a financial incentive for holding long-term. Find & Stop Crypto Criminals While this won’t be an easy task, there are plenty of ways to identify scammers’ identities and track their moves. Our full-time investigation team will focus on finding as much information as possible about these perpetrators to eventually present the evidence to our network of crypto-focused lawyers to assist us into taking legal action against them.