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Ticker : Launched On : 8 January, 2022
ERC-20 Ethereum: 0xcd9082b72394e5f4579ff679f1544101436e19c1

ChadFi Description

ChadFi is a decentralised investment fund that generates passive income and capital growth for $CHAD holders through profits returned seamlessly through reflections and treasury dividends. ChadFi differentiates by combining the best of meme coins, culture coins, unique tokenomics, and serious alpha. The core ChadFi team is no stranger to crypto — consisting of well-connected OGs that hail all the way back to 2013, and chads who have held C-Suite executive and advisory roles across projects that are now in the top 100 and 200 market cap. This unique background anchors the team with direct access to key thought leaders in the space — such as venture capital funds, market makers, and project founders. Every $CHAD token buy/sell on Uniswap has a 12% tax: - 3%: Passive income for holders via ETH Reflections - 9%: Treasury growth for yield farming and investing

ChadFi Summary