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Ticker : Launched On : 26 December, 2021
solana Chain: CAPYD6Lrm7bTZ6C7t7JvSxvpEcfKQ9YNB7kUjh6p6XBN

Capybaraworld Description

What Is Capybara (CAPY)? Capybara is a Decentralized meme coin on Solana designed to be Community experiment , raising fund to build game “Play for Fun and Fun for Earn”. CAPY created from Spl-token on Solana that is used for: Participation on community activities Fees for playing game to earn reward How Many Capy Coins Are There in Circulation? Capybara (CAPY) deployed on 8 Nov 2021 with 1 billion CAPY tokens 1% AirDrop 15% Liquidity 10% Marketing 9% Campaign 40% Reserve 5% Buyback 20% Team This project build for extend world-wide community start with friendly character with “Capybara” follow along the roadmap on Where Can I Buy Capybara (CAPY)? Capybara (CAPY) is available for trading on

Capybaraworld Summary