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22 October, 2021


0xD99D4C01063b7a ...    

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Camistry description

Camistry is an innovative Adult Entertainment platform which has developed live-streaming, subscription, PPV, and marketplace functions. The project was developed to launch already functional, but will continue to grow the use-case as performers and users give feedback on both form and function. We envisage the use of a gamified space to bring new users and maintain the attention of those already participating and tipping.       We have blended industry-leading low commissions and the discreet nature of Binance transfers to bring forth a new era of participation and payment of models and performers. An on-platform native exchange will allow for gasless and near-instant transactions while participating, and the simplified tokenomics mean no big taxes on the way out.       Camistry hopes to bring forth a new era of content sharing that focuses on safe, discreet, and profitable interactions between performers and their fans.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xD99D4C01063b7aC970577E29DE8B958D5392C952

Listing Date : 22 October, 2021

Website        : Camistry official website

Whitepaper  :

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