Bridge Network

20 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x1562c99ad7179b7d1d862ff4e8bff6cc016a97ee

Bridge Network Token Live price data The live price of Bridge Network Token today is 0.787754988682786039 USD. $brdg It is down from the last trading day! We update our USD to brdg every 10 minutes! Bridge Network Has a Market Cap of 393,877,494 USD and is down % in the last 24H! What Is Bridge Network (brdg)? Bridge Network is the first cross-chain super dApp that enables seamless transactions between blockchain ecosystems. The cross-chain protocol (CCP) aims to be a one-stop-shop for all major cross-chain activities by providing all tools a user might need to transact in the multichain world. The bridge tool kit is made up of 6 main tools; a NFT bridge, a token bridge, a cross-chain trading platform, cross-chain farming platform, a multi-chain explorer and a token wrapper for any existing token to go cross-cain. The goal of Bridge Network in this multichain world is to provide a frictionless and trustless environment for users to transact without the hassle of switching between protocols to complete what should be simple transactions, a cross-chain hub like no other. Bridge Network introduces a unique experience to the multichain world with a scalable, secure and robust infrastructure to simplify the complexities behind moving cross-chain. What Is Bridge Network (brdg) contract address?? The contract address for the Bridge Network is 0x1562c99ad7179b7d1d862ff4e8bff6cc016a97ee and it can be found on bsc network.