BitTaxi Token

25 March, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x01fedad5e7bfe9de4f5c4a1ac9dd8cec2c623d32

Bittaxi Token: It is the basic product of the Bittaxi project. The online payment and service sector is more and more in our lives with the advancement of technology every day. The Bittaxi Token Project sets out to bring together this industry's potential and make our lives easier with the blockchain-based digital payment method to bring cryptocurrencies to real life. The aim of Bittaxi is to provide a payment system with cryptocurrencies thanks to its simple infrastructure. Bittaxi Token is a token that working on Binance, Smart Chain, and trades P2P (Peer to Peer). Bittaxi is a platform that can scale and facilitate trade between the customer and the service provider. BitTaxi Token is a BSCbased cryptocurrency that is the Binance Smart Chain network. Thanks to Bittaxi Token, users can pay taxi fees with the cryptocurrencies that they own You can buy on IEO : You can buy on Bittaxi Launchpad :