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7 November, 2021


0x7fDd003D3B61dD ...    

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Binosaurs description

🎉⚠️ MINT A BINO FOR .05 BNB - GET A WHITELIST SPOT FOR THE PRESALE ON 11/6 🎉⚠️ Built with the community in mind, Binosaurs is a brand-new type of project focused on consistently reinvesting the project yield into marketing, development, and exciting giveaways! Built on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure freedom, speed, and flexibility, all lottery and payment functionality is hard coded into the token contracts. 🦖 Who are the Binosaurs? They're dinosaurs who live and trade on the Binance Smart Chain! As the world's first crypto trading dinosaurs, these crazy creatures are destined to reach the moon! Be sure to stay active in the Telegram chat, read the COMPLETE whitepaper, and mint your very own Baby Binosaur through the Binosaurs app! For just .05 BNB, you’ll have the chance to win 5 BNB! Binosaurs uses a frictionless reflection function to ensure that the prize winner gets paid out as soon as the trigger hits. Every NFT is a chance to win! Each time a new Binosaur NFT is minted, the owner's wallet address is added into the lottery. For each NFT minted after that, one wallet is randomly selected to win 10% of that NFT's minting fee through an automatic transfer! But wait...that's not all! After the very last NFT is minted from the contract, one random wallet address will win 10% of the total prize pool! The remaining yield goes into the community fund for marketing, developement, and additional liquidity! The additional liquidity will be transferred to Binosaurs assets, used for marketing, and given back directly to holders. Binosaurs is much more than one simple prize pool...its an entire system built on generating and multiplying liquidity! RUGPULLS? EXTINCT! By utilizing the DX Liquidity Lock functionality, the developers won't have any access to the LP tokens or free BINOZ, meaning this contract cannot be rugpulled or dumped. Additionally, no developer wallets hold any tokens, the prizes are paid out by the contract, and no tokens will be sold for "marketing" or any other purpose within the first 4 weeks. With each NFT being a ticket to the grand prize, this project has the potential to head straight for the moon! Join us in the Telegram for daily voice chats with the development team where we run through the progress made throughout the day. Any questions? Just ask Billy Binosaur in the main chat! Happy minting!

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x7fDd003D3B61dDA10429C1EbB502Ec02946219cc

Listing Date : 7 November, 2021

Website        : Binosaurs official website

Whitepaper  :

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