Bermuda Token

21 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0xba6C3D0FB327e3445b42D3065D8E7712e0dbE6F1 Bermuda Token is part of of three token financial ecosystem in which all the tokens reward each other to create an endless rewarding cycle. Bermuda token will reward Puerto Rico which is rewarding Florida which is also rewards Bermuda token which will establish an ever-growing rewarding loop. Investors will be able eventually get hold of every Bermuda Token just by buying one of them and benefit from getting rewarded with tokens that is also have a reward token. This revolutionary ever-growing reward system is first of its kind and will start a new trend. Bermuda Triangle tokens rewarding system is also combined with trending APY rewards which has hard capped max supply to protect them from market price impact on the long term.