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26 Aug, 2021


0xec6a30fb7d6540 ...    

BNB Akamaru Inu Coin Informations

BNB Akamaru Inu description

BNB Akamaru Inu aims to go above and beyond for its community, by providing investors and degenerates alike with ample opportunities to ape safely into the most current and HOTTEST project launches on the Binance Smart Chain, all while perma-pumping Tokenomics ——————————————————————————————— >TAXES<< Reflection (BNB): 8% Buy, 12% Sell Liqudity: 2% Buy, 4% Sell Marketing: 0% Buy, 0% Sell >TOKEN DISTRIBUTION<< No Marketing or Dev Wallet 5% Airdrops (Excluded from dividends) 95% to PancakeSwap >SHILL<< 🪂 All holders of $BAIT (holding at least 0.25% of the total supply) will receive BNB rewards every 30 Minutes (APY: 250%)! 🐳 Anti-Whale and anti-bot measures in-place. 🔒 LIQUDITY IS LOCKED FOR 6 MONTHS! 💬 Telegram: 🐦 Twitter: 🌐 Website: Contract Address: 0xec6a30fb7d6540d0969c48184b6e168774c5fc58 Link: Feature List Protection Measures [Feature] This contains not one, but THREE antibot/snipe methods. The first is my loveable antisniper. Please do not snipe on listing, as you will be unable to sell. THIS INCLUDES TOOLS OF ANY FORM THAT ALLOW YOU TO BUY QUICKER THAN FINGERS. If you buy within the first block or so, you will NOT receive amnesty! BE WARNED! The second is a gas limit. If you try to use gas that's just way too high, your TX will be rejected. Note that this is JUST a rejector, it doesn't add you to any lists or anything. The third is a same block trade limit. If you try to trade more than once in the same exact block, only the first TX will succeed. Auto Claim BNB Rewards (250% APY) The contract distributes Auto Claim BNB rewards every 30 minutes if you own at least 0.1% of the total supply! Max Transaction/Wallet Limit [Minimal Risk] You can only hold 1.5% of the total supply! You can only sell the maximum of 0.25% the total supply at once! Maximum Taxes [Minimal Risk] Taxes are hardcoded to require setting below a certain amount. The total max tax amount is usually around 16%. Not even the owner can bypass this restriction. Locked Liquidity [Minimal Risk] Liquidity will be automatically locked on PCS for 6 Months! 💬 Telegram: 🐦 Twitter: 🌐 Website:

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xec6a30fb7d6540d0969c48184b6e168774c5fc58

Listing Date : 26 August, 2021

Website        : BNB Akamaru Inu official website

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