21 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0xaFe82CF5200ADE2457090d5cCbBa1d0577b5db50

Blazar Token is the Native Token to Moonfuel Protocol. Blazar Token was developed to be a supplement and eventual replacement to the current failing and underfunded retirement pension systems for government workers throughout the United States. Blazar will take its central liquidity vault and invest it through staking into other high yield startup DeFi projects. They will then return that Yield And principal balance to the liquidity vault and stake into The next project. While staked BLAZAR will use its very specific algorithm to search the entire blockchain for other DeFi projects paying high yield that coincide with the start / end date of the project currently staked into. This guarantees investors the greatest return on their investment due to having zero down time in between projects