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30 Nov, 2021


0xd452cb35ca8fd7 ...    

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THE 🌎 FIRST ATOM & WBNB REWARDS TOKEN ⚛ HAS ARRIVED - Volume added through streetwear and NFTs 1 Trillion Total Supply 25% Initial Burn (DOXXED) - Manual Burns 🔥 - Atom Rewards ⚛ - WBNB Rewards 🪙 - Uniqe classic pin up NFTs 6% Cosmos $Atom Coin ⚛ Dividends, 6% (Wrapped BNB)$WBNB Dividends Automatically sent to holders wallet addresses every 30mins fed by 12% transaction tax. 4% Tax for marketing 2% Liquidity 💧 Total 18% tax ⚖ Paper hands and dumpers killed with our 1.5× sell tax multiplier, while Diamond hand holders get to enjoy 1.5× the returns to them during sell We have adapted a buyback "Nuke" when funding from NFT & Streetwear sale funding build to minimun of 1 $BNB with a 1 hour cool down between "Nukes"during high funding allocation. To compensate for sell tax pressure 👊 we reward our diamond club members and active duty squads during the buyback period with airdrops. We also have a 1.5x sell tax multiplier killing all dumpers, paperhands, and giving 1.5x more Rewards to holders every sell. Presale for $ATMB Locked coins into FEGs presale contract is: 300 Billion $ATMB coins ( 30% ) Pricing is 1 billion coins per 1 $BNB. Soft cap at 10 $BNB Hard cap 30 $BNB max buy at once is: 1 BNB. Total max buy in per wallet address: 2 $BNB. If only soft cap is met of 10 $BNB we will launch at a price of 0.000006 USD per $ATMB coin. LP in $ATMB/BNB and be made by $FEG and launched by them also locked by them or their choice of vesting for LP. Team will only recieve 6% of the BNB from presale We have agreed to use this 6% for buy back and marketing funding. ---------------------------------- Left over supply of $ATMB after presale? If hardcap is met dev wallet will only hold 14% of total supply. We will put this amount into vested contract to ensure no dumping or illicit acts of manipulation of Pricing will ever be done by the team.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xd452cb35ca8fd7c007cd44dc1328176115b003f4

Listing Date : 30 November, 2021

Website        : Atomic Bomb official website

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