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21 Dec, 2021


0x40e5c92477176c ...    

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Asterix description

What is Asterix Network (ERX)? Asterix Network aims to solve the problem of 'Centralization' by bringing the real-world sectors to blockchain like Finance, Healthcare, Supply Chain to improve efficiency and transparency. Asterix Network is envisioned to create an ecosystem of Dapps for various real-world sectors in a unified system so that a single app can be interoperable across different sectors thus making blockchain and its applications easier to use for "not so tech-savvy" persons. In the next 10 years, Asterix Network aims to fill the gap between the real-world sectors and the already existing "Internet of Blockchains" by making the off-chain data easily accessible to all. Asterix is a native utility token used for: Support our ecosystem of Dapps Used for staking governance for our upcoming Defi protocols Minimum viable products of Asterix Network include: Asterix Hash: A system that will use blockchain and RFID to create an 'interaction-less' payment solution. The system will enable check-outs with minimal or no interaction using an RF tag which can be embedded into a user's accessory. Asterix Wallet: A multi-chain wallet that will be used as an instrument to process payments in our ecosystem of Dapps. The wallet will be integrated with a liquidity pool balancing algorithm to facilitate transactions across multiple chains. Asterix Music: A music licensing and distribution platform on the blockchain with an automatic royalty-paying system. The system will also include a ticketing system for artists to conduct Concerts/Live shows on the metaverse. The ticketing system will leverage cryptographically signed messages as "proof for entry." The artists will also get paid their proceeds of the concerts automatically through smart contracts. Asterix Point: A Metaverse NFT gallery that will host an interactable art gallery on the metaverse for buying and selling NFTs by leveraging VR technology with blockchain.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x40e5c92477176c3b2d3d482f4d8250ed036e1934

Listing Date : 21 December, 2021

Website        : Asterix official website

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