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Ticker : Launched On : 25 January, 2022
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0xb9c21a1a716ee781b0ab282f3aeddb3382d7aadc

Artzeex Description

Artzeex is the metaverse of art with the first 100% 3D NFT marketplace. Artzeex will be the largest art gallery in the world, with spin offs that guarantee passive income through NFTs. 35% of quarterly profit will be redistributed to holders. All NFTs are produced by professional designers with high added value, high quality standards and an incredible auction system that rewards participants with NFTs. Artzeex Ecossystem ( Artzeex Ecossystem - NFTs 2.0 The revolution! Artzeex is a 3D art ecosystem with several spin offs that monetize the NFT stakes and integrate the Artzeex metaverse and the real world.

Artzeex Summary