19 February, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0xE332912b9279a7D01f78Fc6dF87865c7a8FA1efb

The AirPay app will feature a wallet, trading platform and virtual debit card Easily allowing users to exchange their crypto holdings to Fiat and load onto the card to spend without barriers Our Ecosystem will make use of two tokens to provide fast and efficient user transactions. $Airpay (12% Tax and BNB Reward) $Pair (0% Tax) AirPay 3%-to holders in BNB 3%-to marketing 3%-platform development 3%-liquidity $AirPay Token is designed with early investors in mind and will be used as an option to purchase $Pair $Pair Token will be used both as a trading pair on our platform and as a future payment option to merchants Double the Benefits 3% of the platform profits will be used to buyback $AirPay which will then be distributed as rewards to $Pair holders. As $AirPay is purchased for this purpose, the price increases and more BNB rewards are generated for $AirPay holders. After Launch both liquidity and team tokens will be locked for complete peace of mind